Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Working in My Room:Part 2... and a Giveaway or two

Well, we got in!! But I am not liking my furniture arrangement, so far ...I did take pictures but this is not the after pictures...this is the in between pictures. I will change it up a few times before I decide how it will work!

This is above my computer area!

This is on Wall 1, on the small wall, it's my interactive word wall area!

Jack and Annie live above the Chapter Books at the end of Wall 4.

 This is Wall 2, the Cabinet wall...still have lots to do with this wall!

 Wall 3, the window wall, so NOT ready, I still have to get my Bees ready to decorate those curtains!

 This is part of Wall 4, I broke up the Math area and put it on both sides of the Learning Rug...not feeling it yet?!!

No going into the building tomorrow, so I will be pool bound and try to get as brown as I can before Meet the Teacher on Thursday, or is it Friday???
I am not sure, but I can tell you I have to start on Monday and at least I got most of my things out of the way!
Hopefully I will get everything cut out and mounted, ready to laminate for next week!
Can't hardly wait.

Buzz on over to the Hive

Rikki is having a 150 follower give away and the prize is too have GOT to check it out!!!!
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