Monday, August 6, 2012

***UPDATE*****Working in my room :Part 1

I am so HaPpY!!!!
(they let us in)

I have some work ahead of me too!
Sorry about the pictures can stink!

This is wall 1, the door wall...hallway door, closet and bathroom door. Notice the bulletin board on the small part of the wall.

This is wall 2, the wall that really isn't a wall, it's all cabinets, cubbies, and computers!

 This is wall 3...the window wall! My poor boy, he got to hang out at school! Yes that is the playground. Believe it or not we don't even hear them!

Wall 4, the really long white board wall, with two bulletin boards on the sides!

 So long, I needed another photo to show you!
So there you have it my room! I sat down on the floor and began to plan out how I want this to work...I moved the furniture around, I really don't like how the book wall (wall3) looks...I need new matching I wish I was rich!
I can't wait until I get the right configuration then the decor...My buddy is getting her room ready next door, and already I am feeling behind! Ugh! just wait until tomorrow y'all it will "BEE" 110% better.(or I'll Cry)

Sorry no pictures for today's hard work! An hour into rearranging furniture and lighting options, we were kicked out of the sad, hopefully you will get Part 2 tomorrow!!!

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