Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Moving on U P

So what did you do this summer?

School ended on June 9th for me, then for the next two weeks this was my chore:

 I sold the house in less than a week, and the closing was looming around the corner. Why did I choose to pack up my house and 22 year career in Florida? That is easy, it was a combination of a few things! I was not happy where I was, I wanted to branch out and realized that my tree had been pruned for me! I choose to move closer to my Dad too! He lives in Las Vegas, the fastest growing and one the the biggest school districts in the they offered me a better retirement, cheaper insurance , a bonus, PLUS a nice fatty raise to boot! here is what happened to me this summer....

I packed up a 27 foot U-Haul, rented a car carrier and drove almost the whole width of the USA!

Ok , so me , myself  nor I, actually drove it Sweet Man did, I tried and it was SCARY, Needless to say it was an adventure...

Leaving Florida was easy, heading into the the rest of the South was easy, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana came fast! Then TEXAS...oh my goodness TEXAS is S O... BI G! I now know how Moses must have felt wandering the desert! It went on and on!

When we saw this sign, I was so happy! (Not that TEXAS isn't nice, but when you are on a schedule and see the light at the end of the tunnel it is a joy!)

It didn't take us long to stop and visit with friends in the next state! (Less than a day away.)

We spent the night in Tuscon with a friend then headed to our final destination the next morning!

It felt like a homecoming! I have been visiting Las Vegas since my Dad moved here in the late 70's...I really love the weather out here too!

So far exciting things have been happening to the Queen Bee...I have not even been here a month and have made some new friends...

...and have started a new job....

My summer goes on, as the kids don't arrive until August 29th... if you want to come and visit, please do...I should close on my new house in mid to late how is your summer going?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

What happened to my Interns?

The headline read:
"Teaching is facing a recruitment crisis. ....."

I believe principal asked me not long ago "What has changed?" I couldn't put my finger on it, but after seeing that headline it became clear to me... WHERE ARE MY INTERNS?

I usually have 1 or 2 interns a year, at least for the past five years it has been like that. Last year (2014-2015) I had one Junior the beginning of the year , two days a week for eight weeks...then nothing...absolutely NOTHING.

In 2010 I had a senior intern...
2011 two senior interns...
2012, a junior intern and a senior intern...
2013, two junior interns and a senior intern...
2014 a junior intern... one..
2016 no one!

Where are they? I love them! I love watching them "catch fire" I love watching them have that "aha" moment. The kids love helping them become a great teacher.

The article suggests ideas of how to find them giving them real working hours...but that isn't teaching? We get here are 7:30 and go home around 4:30 or 5:00 depending on the needs of the next day...that is just what we do...we are perfectionists..they need to feel that excitement, that tiredness, yes I hear you..." WHAT, but you only get paid from 8:00 to 3:30?"  Seriously teachers we get paid other ways too! 

It says to treat educators with respect, and I agree. We are not, NOT babysitters...and it is about time the general public ranks our position in life a little higher!

The next point was to pay us what we would make in the private sector...again I don't disagree, but we are public servants, we knew that! How much would you pay someone who is the founder of all other careers? A million dollars? two million? At this point I will settle for $50,000 + health care and a descent vision and dental plan, plus retirement. Too bad ,  21 years in the business and I don't have this yet. 
I remember when I started teaching in 1990-something  I made $18,000 a year...I thought I was rich..then somewhere in the 2000s they raised all the teacher's pay to $35, teachers, old teachers, good teachers, bad teachers...they claimed we would make more in the end but...I haven't gotten a ton of money more than the "newer" it was when I first got hired, I made my 18,000 while a teacher with 10 years made 30,000...I wish that was the difference now too!

This article's headline is what got me thinking about what is wrong with my career this year! Why I feel so different this year...I know why  I MISS THEM...I MISS TEACHING THEM...I HOPE THEY COME BACK!!!

I found this article on Facebook as I was reading my teacher friends posts. It says a few more things in better detail, here is the article if you want to read it...It's from The Guardian

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


So what are the goals for my kids?

1. They need to be more independent.

It drives me crazy they sit there and look at me so helpless. This is a new to me problem. I am so use to my class being independent, finding answers for themselves, helping each other find the answers or being problem solvers in general. This year I feel like they are waiting for me to just tell them the answer then move on. I feel like we are so behind in the curriculum with ELA because they have zero critical thinking skills...last year I looped up with my second graders so it was a no brainer, they knew what I expected. These kids SHOULD know what I expect, but I feel they don't?!

2. Spend more time reading.

I love to read, my own boy LOVES to kids do not like it..Well 3/18 do but those 15 just don't want to, no interest...So I am going to start the "Genius Hour" when we get back...they will have to read and be independent to solve the problems. It's PBL meets my kids.."Hello" .... Should be fun, we are going to start out with some Science Genius Hour first then branch out to Social Studies once the "TEST" is over at the end of March

3. Master those times tables.

I am offering rewards, I am bribing them with goodies...I have a new "Multiplication Station" self-paced fun...iPad apps too...and yet only the top 3 know those facts...I'll think I want to have a competition of facts and each week crown a new "winner".

4. Enjoy life!

Of course this is a must! You are a kid, enjoy it while you can, enjoy it before the responsibilities hit you hard...go outside, play, laugh...have fun everyday! Learn..learn something new to help you on your journey EVERYDAY!

Monday, January 4, 2016


That was raw....and real and scary...did I mention after I posted yesterday I did a was AWFUL...

So here I sit and I am thinking that yesterday's blog was all about my career goals, not all about my personal goals or the goals for my kids at school.

I want to lose weight! Yes, I know EVERYBODY wants to lose weight...blah blah blah....but in the course of the past two years I have gained over 20 lbs. I lost about 10 lbs from August to December but I still feel the need to lose a good 15 lbs, and hopefully more! I am in "BMI land" considered overweight by at least 30 lbs. Here is how I hope to rectify this "situation" I am in:

1. Keep doing the 3-4 miles in the morning

2. Adding running up and down the stairs at work. I want to spend at least 30 minutes a day, at the end of the day, doing "Stadium steps"...that should be fun.

3. Continue following the "Skinny Rules" by Bob cheating especially with some Wine Wednesdays or Wine in general (that is going to be wine and no whine...but it is only until I lose that first 15 lbs.)

4. Start exercising on the weekends rides, late evening walks, yoga?

My birthday is coming up real soon, and my Sweet Man is planning on doing something fun...I just told him I am giving up wine/beer until I lose 15 lbs. He said I had better hurry up and lose it all in 3 weeks...I wonder if I can? I really want to quit sugar until the cruise in March. Yes my Sweet Man is spoiling me with another cruise this Spring Break!

Another goal for me in '16 is to get out of credit card debt! I am not in too deep, but last summer I went a little overboard and splurged on a few things I normally wouldn't here I am cash poor...I hate it! So I am going to focus on killing one debt at a time. Then use the $ from that bill to put on another bill, then once that is paid off on to another. (So pretend I owe $500 on one card...I pay $50 a month until it is paid off...then take that $50 and add it to the $50 I am paying on another card, so then I pay $100 a month on that card until it is gone, then add that $100 to another get the idea)

I am hoping that starting a real TPT store will help with paying off these bills quickly! I just need some good ideas, I have a few but am not sure exactly how to make them look...first I need to find some great clip art and good looking fonts...any ideas or perhaps you have a favorite font maker you want to brag about? Who is on your top Clip Art maker? Any fun suggestions are much appreciated!

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Things are going to change around here!
My word for 2016 is  S U C C E S S F U L,

I looked back at how this blog started...WOW I used to be good! I just blogged on an on about whatever was happening in my life at home or school...WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?

So here is what I am going to do....

Step 1: Update the could mean moving to a WordPress??? of just a new design (Mariela I need your help)

Step 2: Find my niche! Who am I blogging to? What are my goals for this blog and for me? Do I want to become a teacherpreneur ? (YES)

Step 3: I need to create a new Queen Bee... a "Me Bee" I think I want to change the name of my blog to just "Being the Queen Bee..." and try to find a buzzing bee in high heels and a crown to fly around?

Step 4: Remember to BLOG...yes get back to actually blogging and sharing ideas and making products ....posting it all over my QB Facebook feed, and start using Twitter more, PLUS showcasing on Instagram.

Step 5: I really want to try doing a Scope once a week, or more, depending on how it goes. I am so inspired by Jessica @TheWhimsicalTeacher that I too, like Ashley Schroeder have a teacher crush on her!

Step 6: I want to be like Kristin @TeachingwithTenney...calm cool collected and organized!

Here is the real question: Can I do this?

Sheila Jane says I can! But do I believe it? Will my procrastinating ways slow me down? (If you know me, you know I am a master procrastinator--see previous Blog posts)
Will I stick with it? Will I have help along the way, making sure I don't screw it up?
Will I be  S U C C E S S F U L? To tell you the truth I am scared...of failure...of making a mistake...of not living up to my potential...scared to death!

Let me know what you think?

Oh and another thing...on my Blogger site it has a subscribe to e-mail list...anyone know how to access that from this end?