Monday, August 6, 2012

Wake Me Up Before I [have] to Go Go

I have ONE WEEK...just one to put my game plan together! Am I ready? Can I do this?....let me show you what's on my plate!

1. PROCRASTINATION...I didn't make any packets to share for my "BookIt" turned "BUMBLE BEE" project like I WANTED too! Nor did I make the MTH packets or the Book Study Buddies that I used last year in my enrichment group, but I'll get to it right?

2. I need to make my "HONEY BEE CLUB" (like Madden's Monster's Club)

3. Get ready for GUIDED MATH...I read the book, I totally get I just need to organize the how to part!

4. I need a new lesson plan template (AGAIN) to accommodate the new CCCS and our new 'master schedule', which leaves out writing all together, we have to roll that in  with our 90 minute Reading block!(and I still am planing on trying out Amanda's Writer's Notebooks too)

5. Plan how to incorporate my after school activities GOTR with my son's activities.

ONE WEEK....oh and I have to take my son to the doctor, he has a planter's wart that went AWOL...what  a I have time to do all of this AND decorate my classroom so it will 'BEE' fantastic?

I am in a full panic!

Did I mention my mom is in Europe,(not a pleasure trip,my grandmother died :( ) and can't help me out this  LAST WEEK! (she always helps me with my boy, as I am a single mom)...
okay ladies I have got to get a here's the plan.....


I have decided that getting the Guided Math sorted and organized is job one... (Well, kinda, getting my boy to the doctor is job one) I have to decide which system I want to use and how it will look in my room...physically how it will look. My classroom is so weird, very long and skinny, two HUGE long windows on one wall and computers, cubbies, sink area, all the cabinets on another wall, then a wall with two doors in it (a short wall too) and the other wall is a long long wall with a HUGE white board on it. ...I need to go in and plan how I want my room to work for my Guided Math time, and Daily 5 time.
Once I decide how it will function, then I can start to decorate it with all the new Happy Honey Bee stuff I got from School Girl Style.

Okay, so that sounds good..I can start right? Well, now I have to get into the building and sketch out my room plan...getting into the building is a bit like getting a meeting with the Queen of England...I hope I can get in?

As for the rest..well, I'll get to it!(hopefully)

I have to tell you I REALLY REALLY enjoyed reading


I want to use this method because it makes sense! Laney Sammons says some really smart stuff and the quotes she uses I will be using them too!
 I chose to prioritize this because she states on page 35
 " Along with challenging our students, we need to create an environment where students recognize the relationship between effort an learning" ,
on page 200 she goes on with "Strong classroom management is essential for math Workshop to be implemented" ( I don't struggle with management usually, but I want to be overly prepared as this will be a new way to do Math, I want to create my surroundings to minimize any management issues!)
 She ends it with " Teachers considering the Guided Math Framework should reflect on how they can adapt and use it to inspire a Love of learning in their students...." on page 250. That is my rational, reflection...I took a lot of notes in my book, a lot of highlighting and sketches of ideas. I need to go in and take a look around and set my room up for ACADEMIC success, not just print rich, but math rich too!
If by some chance [the grace of God], I get in ...I will post BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the set up!

P.S - Did I mention my pal at

is making me the cutest template for my blog ...I can't wait until she gets it all will be impressed!

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