Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Do you know the new "P" word?'s P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N !

I am suppose to be working on some RTi papers for tomorrow morning....but what am I doing? Pinning, reading  blogs and making files of activities  for my "Grinch Day"...I know, I know..RTi should come first, but let me tell you about this case...

It all started in Kindergarten, I believe this poor baby was kicked out of  a private Kindergarten situation in Indiana..then somehow they end up in 1st grade at my school, over 1,000 miles south!
In 1st grade this child made a name for themselves, you know "THAT kid" the one who did EVERYTHING wrong for their mad, kicked kids, broke pencils, pushed desks over, cried about having no friends...yes "THAT kid" is in my 2nd grade class and needs some attention. Can this kid read? Yes, but hates to.
Can this kid 'do' math? Well. er..kinda!
How about writing? Oh YES you should see some of the things they write...(enter sarcasm)
How do I handle the "Situation" you ask...well I talk (a LOT), we walk , we eat, we hold hands...we try to trick them to read and like it...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...thank goodness for computers and centers and Pinterest for finding me MORE hands-on activities and craftivities!!! (Now you know the truth, I pin to keep sane)

So instead of compiling all my data, instead of making sure I have things lined up..I am playing around on the computer? guess who is going to be up L A T E tonight?

(Seriously, I DO have most of it done, I'm just procrastinating about putting all my data into a folder and all my RTi "forms" in a nice row)

Have I mentioned lately that Girls On The Run ends this Saturday with a 5K...I still need to e-mail about that, I have a few running Buddies that did not register for the race hello it is Saturday at 7:05 am, we have to leave here at 5:45 A.M...can't wait for that! (exit sarcasm)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

TpT Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale

So I am jumping on the band wagon....ok I only have 2 things in my shop so goal is by this time next year I will have at least 20!

So for now enjoy...I am so looking forward to clearing out my wish list!!!

I have a fun idea for math this week, if it turns out good, I will post about it, also fun times in Science ahead....more to come

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy's a FREEBIE

Last night I made a TpT packet...I agonized over the price, then changed it this morning...that is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs I tell you! How do you price your work, and some of the work was collaborated with an old colleague who doesn't teach with me anymore. (I wonder if I'll hear from her again?) Anyway....

  H A P P Y   T H A N K S G I V I N G
I said I would give you a FREEBIE, so here you go...
I have a few ideas that I need to work on, such as more "Book Reports" , Magic Tree House packets , author studies and teacher helper printables! Wish me luck...
On the home front, Girls On The Run  is about to wrap up for the season, we have our 5K on December excited to see how the girls will do! And can you guess where I'm going for Christmas? It's not a hard guess...
Take care!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A NOVEMBER to Remember ....(Here's Hoping Anyway)

I LOVE November! Fall finally arrives cooling us off! We get a whole week off for Thanksgiving this year too! Not that I don't love my class, but a W H O L E W E E K! AHHH...funny thing is I love Thanksgiving, but do NOT like turkey!
So this Thanksgiving I might go visit New Jersey and hope to see snow with my new favorite family!  I am leery going to that area of the country over a Holiday, air travel is so fickle then. I don't want to get 'caught' waiting out a storm when I know I have to be home come Monday! Hmm I'll think it through!'s my Linky Hook up with Farley
Football in the South...LOVE it!
I feel so thankful about the "Sandy Situation" I have many friends and family members in New Jersey and New York, they are all fine, some have no power but all have Generators....I wish we lived closer in times like these!

My intern leaves us on December 7th...I am so so so SAD...she is great, such wonderful hands-on activities she has showed us!

I wrote WANTING a raise, but really NEEDING a raise, I think my rent is going up???

MUSIC...I love music, every Friday I play Rebecca Black's "Friday" and my kids go wild and dance like there is no tomorrow! Right now we are playing a lot of the Nutcracker, but with words, it's weird sometimes hearing Tchaikovsky with words!

I hope you have a great Day! I am working on  a post about my READING time...we are in transition with the Common Core and Daily 5!