Friday, August 17, 2012

The FASTEST Week EVER! and the Jitters...

WHAT? It's Friday? Are you kidding me?
So here I sit exhausted, OK I'm really lying in bed, I can't believe my first week back to work is over. I feel like a bus just ran over me!
I got the room ready, I forgot to take pictures, I even reminded my intern to remind me to take pictures...we are beat! I was so focused on making everything as cute as all the ideas on Pinterest that I forgot to make my welcome letter....WHAT? Oh yeah, today at 10:30 am while "Meet the Teacher" was in full swing it dawned on me, "Hey, no one is asking about lunch time, or bus schedules..what's going on?" So I write that info on my board...2 hours later at lunch I realized I did not even print out my sweet letter, nor did I print out the supply list (stop laughing , I did quickly print out a few copies) thankfully our school is "Going Green" this year and most of all that is on my website ANYWAY!

Time to reflect,
 "Um girl? What are you up to?"
 I have been so consumed with new ideas and workshops and new CCSS, and presenting new Deliberate Practice evaluations to the staff that I didn't get to my "to do" list, as I have always done in years past...the funny thing is...I don't think anyone noticed!

I am really bummed that I haven't blogged at all this week! Is it going to be like this all year long? I miss I think I am going to build in a blog time into my schedule at least twice a week!   I have been keeping a list of things to blog about too!
I really want to talk to you about the new "Homework Policy" and "Grading Concerns" I also need your opinions about my schedule and of course to let you know how my new Math TIME is post pictures and ideas and lessons we are doing...So I am going to bid you adieu and good night for now...hopefully I can schedule a blog in for Monday night and let you know how my classroom is shaping up!
I've missed you!

Because I have missed you so so much, I decided to go all out and link up to  "A Turn to Learn" ...
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