Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School

Trying to get ready for my 5:10 am alarm, back to the old routine, but I am not in bed yet! I am running through 800 different ideas in my head for this week!
 I have decided to do T.I.M.E in math to organize my Guided Math time, and still need to set up the bins for that, plus set up all the bins for my new activities in my Word Work area.
 I am glad I have  an intern starting tomorrow with me too! She is in for a fun year of transitioning into the Common Core and my newly ORGANIZED classroom. I am going to pledge to myself to keep it CLUTTER-FREE this year! I will have all of you to keep me on the straight and narrow ...right?
I will post my FINISHED classroom pictures by Friday and then next Monday is the BIG day!!!
My boy will start 5th grade, and I am sad! This will be our last year in the same building...I bet he is one happy boy? Details to follow later on all of that, but for now my friends I am off to bed so I can gt up early and have a power workout before I go back to work!

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