Sunday, August 4, 2013

Currently in August!

Oh, Boy...I'm LATE....for the Currently Linky Party...I hate being  LATE!

Next blog I promise I will have pictures of my room, it's almost done...just need to take a closer look at some of my ideas, then once I tweak them I will post pictures!
I have been able to go to school early this year, for the first time in I am taking advantage of it, plus I do not have an intern with me this year (so far), I love interns, they are a lot of fun, well most of them, we always seem to get more teaching done with two of us in there...maybe that could be the next trend every classroom with two teachers..I'd do it!
Okay back to the matter at Currently....

 So here we are on a Sunday morning and I am blogging instead of getting ready to go to my mom's...oops sorry I'll be later than expected Mom!
I actually started Grad School...I say it like that because I am the biggest PROCRASTINATOR I know! I will be done in February of 2015...or something like that...I am excited, so far the Professor has complimented on my writing skills, I laugh because I think I'm too wordy! But none the less I love a compliment!
Tomorrow I am meeting up with Michele from Coffee Cup and Lesson Plans, plus another Blogging Buddy of excited! We have been corresponding via our blogs and encouraging one another on our Jogging Journey...can't wait to put a face to the blogger!

I bought a new printer...I HAD to! My old printer was going through ink like in two black cartridges in two months and I was NOT (for real) printing anything a form for my son, or a recipe ...I think the printer was a lemon, I got it for FREE, a sweet school mom gave it to me a few years back and I finally got around to using it last once this ink issue became too expensive I bought  new one...I love it...I have been printing  like a TpT fool! I can take my stuff to school and laminate it, but I want to do it NOW!!! (Patience isn't a strong suit either)

Still trying to figure out the house thing! I have decided to stay here, go back to school and GET OUT of this Apartment! Now I need to start making phone calls and get me a know this will take me longer than the normal girl..see above if you are lost as to why!

B2s....already?...ok to be truthful I am READY!!!!
Well, I need shoes, lots of shoes, mine are so old and so worn out...$$$$ is the real issue here, but maybe I can talk my mom into donating to the teacher fund?

Amanda Madden over at Teaching Maddeness, has a great post about her Long Range Plans...I want to do that...maybe this Tuesday at our Common Core Meeting I can make it then??? (the P word is telling me yeah right?)

Coffee...I must not forget to leave the house this year without my coffee, unless I have a free coupon, because I am really going to try NOT to go out and buy a coffee when I have a perfectly good machine (Mr.Coffee-original) at home!


  1. I want to go on a jogging journey! I need to do something before I grow out of house and home. Age hasn't been kind to my waist.... How lucky you are that you got into your school early, I wish I could have finished already. I start decorating tomorrow and we start school on the 19th, so I will be ok. I am loving that I am your newest follower thanks to Farley's rule of 3.

  2. I am too wordy, too!!! When I was in grad school I never worried about meeting the required word limit...I have to focus more on editing! I figure that's a good skill to have. Especially if you decide to go for your National Boards. ;)

    There are literally no places to stop & get coffee between my house and school so if I forget mine, I'm in big trouble. Maybe you can work toward it...set a jogging goal or something & then you can still get your fun coffee fix in every now and then!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  3. I am jealous that your classroom is almost done! I have the road still ahead of me. I'm intrigued about this interactive cafe board! Happy August!
    Melissa Leach


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