Sunday, August 11, 2013

Things I already Tweaked in the new decor

After studying those pictures I ran back on Friday and here is the fix....

Notice the paleness and the sloppiness of the first one? Yeah so did I ..I guess I was getting tired, but no worries I fixed it!

Next up those super cute ideas, the lost buckets...still need to find ribbon but hey I'm on a budget!

 Sorry about the blur...but you get the idea!

Oh the next item of business was that RED and ORANGE debacle ....
I am so glad I spent 10 minutes fixing and finding a new poster!
I was also setting up for open house at the same time and I put my last stop in the back of the room...
That was a quick fix!
I hope you like the improvements...and here are some better pictures of the whole room all done...As I go back to school next week I am going to ask my teacher friends if I can capture their rooms for you to ohh and ahh over!

Oh did I mention I have a great new shirt for the first day of school?
Well maybe not the first, don't want to scare them!

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  1. I love your shirt for the first day of school! Your classroom looks fabulous!


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