Thursday, August 22, 2013

Common Board goes CCSS

I found an idea on Pinterest and ran with it! (you can see it on my Common Core Board) I really liked the verbiage and decided to make it my own, with a CCSS twist.
As you can see I wrote "What's the Buzz?"  then Today I am...with a list of the things they will be taught today.
 Don't worry I fixed the "Today I am..." sign, I know it's crooked!
The next piece of my NEW Common Board is "So that I can..." Under here I will hang, or write using Dry Erase Markers the 'I can' statements for the CCSS in ELA and Math...For Science and Social Studies I will incorporate the ELA CCSS standard as well as the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) in the 'I can' statement way...the next picture is my "Twist"
On the bottom cabinets, I put "I'll know I've got it when..." then I attached  two charts,(yet you only see one). I laminated post-it notes with numbers (I number my kids to save me time and grief), so they can write (prove/evidence) what they learned in that lesson. At the end of the day I collect their sticky notes from their parking spot and file it away in my observation notes, and voila a quick informal diagnostic assessment done! Plus you have proof in parent conferences of what their child is capable of!
I hope you like this TWISTED idea!
Here you can see it all...I will update with new pictures once it is up and functional!

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  1. Hi Natalie!
    I just wrote myself notes about making a parking lot board next week. I'm going to use library pockets so that I don't have to always use up my post it notes, and I can use use paper.
    I love that you are teaching those smarties to reflect so early.. especially when they can really dig deep and be critical thinkers in reflection. That will be great for data later in the year.
    Enjoy your weekend!
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