Monday, August 5, 2013

Fellow Bloggers!

I had the privilege to have a wonderful lunch in Downtown Disney today with some awesome bloggers! You might be familiar with these ladies too...Michele, Gina, and Joanne. (Plus their fabulous kids)

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Head Over Heels for Teaching
As usual, once you get a group of teachers together nature takes its course, and we talked about books, blogging, Common Core, and what to do with sticky notes!
The Kids were great photographers!
From left to right: Michele, Gina, Natalie(me) & Joanne

I need to Thank Michele for organizing this little get together, it is truly amazing how quickly we meshed and started to share ideas and goals. It makes me wish that in our schools we could all get along this well so quickly. The sharing of ideas and the honest conversation was very refreshing!

The best part of today was I felt like I have just made some life-long friends, friends to bounce ideas off of and to share frustrations too! (right ladies?)

I have discovered that I need to blog a little more often, so as part of the blogger sit down, I've decided that one of my 'jobs' at school will be the Blog reminder, he or she will make me take pictures during the day and to blog more than just once a week, or month! I will have to choose a real pesky persistent helper for that job!

Tomorrow I head back to school for a Common Core/Curriculum planning day...sounds like I might be blogging some more tomorrow, and by Friday pictures of the newly decorated room will be UP!


  1. Awww Natalie! It was sooo great meeting you too! I loved your personality and could would love working with you! :O) I agree, the conversation was so easy and it was reassuring to hear that we all have the share the same concerns and love so many of the same things! I look forward to talking with you often!!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Natalie you are so wonderful! AND so on top of it.. didn't you say something about liking to procrastinate? LOL. I had a great time too, and it was awesome that the kiddoes all got a long so well!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

    1. I didn't procrastinate because I was excited....notice no pictures of school yet, but I said Friday...I was happy about the kids getting along too, we should suggest that the 6yh graders be pen pals, does he have an e-mail address? Cayden does!


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