Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet the Teacher is TONIGHT!!!

I am not sure if I am "Excited" for Meet the Teacher this year...the only reason I say that is because we changed the meet times to the evening, and I will be tired and not so 'fresh'.
I also have to go over to the Middle School, for my 1st time Middle Schooler and grab his schedule and walk through his day with him, PLUS I have to meet my Mom, so she can grab the boy for dinner, because...yes I have to go back to school from 4-6:30...I am going to be d r a g g ing!

But here is what I have planned for the evening. (Thanks to Reagan Tunstall's Editable Table Signs)
My new Families will walk in and grab a Student info sheet then find their Kiddo's desk!
When I took this picture we did not have our class lists, so you can't see their cute BEE name tags.
Then as the parents are busy filling out the paper work, the Little Bees will buzz around the classroom thanks to Christina Bainbridge getting to the Core of our Classroom!
Station 2 on the Classroom Tour is the (make shift)Supply area...I have some bins on the floor are near the cubbies where the kids will sort their supplies (if they brought them, also next to the supply are sort station is my "Bee Kind" sign, in other words DONATE please!!!
 The 3rd stop on the Tour is the TRANSPORT station...

Here, they will write their name and either bus name, or front or back car rider, day care  on a Sticky-Note, then apply it to the graph!
The last stop on the tour is the Parent Wishes and Jitter Glitter Station. I also have a helpful "Guide to 2nd Grade" from my last year's students, with tips and advice!
Hopefully I will be perky as usual, and the Families will be wonderful, I am hoping to have some repeat parents this year!!! (Pretty Please Principal Lady)
I'll let you know how it went!


  1. I hope it all goes well! Your classroom is looking great!
    Grab a little Dunkin to keep you running. :)

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

    1. I should have...boy am I beat..have a GREAT class this year too! So excited!


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