Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Time to get Back in the Groove!

I just got back from Las Vegas, yesterday...and what do I do today...yes I head to school and rearrange the furniture...because I  C A N....first time in YEARS that we have been able to get into the building BEFORE the first teacher workday!!!!
 I found it very clean, just a bit unorganized...I can't wait to really get in there tomorrow and re-do ALL my boards! See that old CAFE board...say GOOD BYE to it...
 I forgot that I put all my books on top of the cubby area this year, so my shelves wouldn't break...I lost a shelf last year by leaving them on the floor...the custodial staff didn't realize my shelves are old and cheap! I love that rocking chair...I plan on asking my buds on custodial to paint it BLACK for me this year...I hope they say yes!
 I came in today to just drop off those two bags ...and stayed for an hour and put the desks the way I like them!
 I can't wait to start decorating again...it is so bland! Do you see that bulletin board on the left? That is where my NEW interactive CAFE board will go! (Can't wait to get that up and running)
 Speaking of shelves...notice the old worn out shelf in the corner...it was willed to me by a retiring teacher..it has seen better days...I think I might have to go shelf buying!
 This HUGE empty wall has potential...I'm thinking WRITING area! Or maybe a SCIENCE area?? Oh wait...now I remember it will be my student's work wall...I wrote this all out in a journal I doodled on this summer for school ideas!
 The computers were a mess, one of them was ON!  I plan on making the cabinets a word wall area.
The view from one of my windows...looks like the carpets are getting washed this week! This time next week my breezy curtains should be up! (unless I change my mind)

So as you can see I have a few things to do this week and next,  BEFORE  I even get paid to be back in the building, but I know you understand...I'll post all the new pictures and plans I have for the upcoming school year...keep checking in on me!


  1. I would so be the type to just run up to the school for a minute, and next thing you know, it's been an hour or two. Hope your room comes together just the way you want it to.

  2. Natalie~
    I'm so very very jealous that you can get back into your building. We are having a major overhaul done this summer, and I don't think I'll be able to get back in until our Teacher Report Day.. which is ONE day before the kids come. BLECH!
    Post pictures of your room.. can't wait to see it!
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