Thursday, September 19, 2013

The PROOF is in the Journal of Course!

This summer I spent so much time on finding ideas that I wanted to use to make my lessons stronger, my classroom more organized and my teaching more powerful! I really feel it paid off. I found, or maybe it was my Fabulous Teacher Friend next door, either way it this works, a great resource for my Reading Interactive Journals, but I call mine Reading Response Journals(RRJ). I found it on TpT of course!
Each new standard I teach I spend the beginning of the lesson adding to their RRJ.

Here we are working on Text Connections
We spend some time writing, coloring, and gluing the standard into our RRJ. We then have a quick mini-lesson highlighting the skill.   The next few days we use this as a reference or an anchor to our learning. It has really helped us stay focused on our task, plus it is a fun way to show proof of what we covered in Second Grade. The parents love it, and so do I!
Here we are learning and having fun:
Did I mention that I love the fact that the CCSS standards and strands are listed on the skill...I love it when others make my job easier!

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  1. We're using those journals as well. Actually, I'm using a mixture of several! We have Reading, Language, Math, and Science Journals. I really enjoy using them, and the children do too.

    The Reinspired Teacher


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