Monday, September 30, 2013

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Ever just jump on an idea and it turned out great?

I am one lucky teacher! It all started with my Teacher Neighbor and a Sweet Bee in my class.

Every year during the month of September a bunch of my Facebook friends change their pictures to reflect a very gold theme!

Last year, I read the story of Alex Scott. It made my melancholy. Sad that this little girl had to die from such an awful disease, but wow what  a fighter she was! Honestly I didn't really get into the whole "Let's sell Lemonade". It wasn't affecting me right?....
A lot has changed in a year! This year my teacher neighbor says "Hey, I'm doing a Lemonade Stand, do you want in?"(She has been the teacher of a little girl with Cancer, and won)
 I was thinking "OK, sure, sure, whatever"....  but then this Sweet Bee tells me his story.
 Last December he lost his little brother to cancer. His two year brother had leukemia, "the orange ribbon kind" , as I was told. He was still grieving the loss of his brother, so is his family. So then I go up to my Teacher Neighbor (TN) and say "Hey TN, about that Lemonade Stand...." Next thing you know we are buying Lemonade by the gallons, stocking up! The kids start to get into it! Notes are going home school wide for a Lemonade Stand that will help fight Childhood Cancer "One Cup at a Time"...then the B I G day arrives, we have two Lemonade stands in the school! (I forgot to take pictures, but not my TN, I borrowed these from her...)

This is my TN's class in the downstairs foyer, my kiddos were upstairs selling Lemonade to the older grades!

The kids made signs to help the cause!

The whole school showed up to help! Our two classes raised over $650. We were excited!
Did I mention my TN is more driven than anyone I know. She says, "Oh don't forget we have ANOTHER Lemonade Stand this Saturday at a local area Chik-fil-A"

I actually VOLUNTEERED, I even got my son's Scout troop to send some help! What another great day! On this day we raised over $700.
The Backdrop

Scouts from Troop 268

Our School really showed up to support!

The Queen Bee all ready to sell!
If you were like me, never really heard of all this GOLD in September, or just too afraid to get involved....STOP and reconsider, 90% of the proceeds actually go for Childhood Cancer Research! Isn't it about time we do something fun and positive to help our children out! As a 1990's Nike commercial once said..."JUST DO IT!" It is so rewarding to know you did something in September, and you are going to make it even better next year! (Well, that is my goal!)

Check out Alex's Lemonade Stand! You will be glad you did!


  1. Well written blog post today! Remember I need to guest blog soon to catch up with Mike;)

    Thank you for doing these stands with me! WE made a difference!

    1. Yes, I need you to guest blog about a few things actually! And it's all YOU TN!


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