Monday, September 2, 2013

A Taste of our School

Welcome back to school!

We have been back for two weeks now, but BEFORE Meet the Teacher I took a walking tour of our school. I wanted to steal gather ideas to use in my room this year. So I grabbed my camera phone and took a few pictures of my friends' classrooms!
We will start in Kindergarten, here is a new to our school teacher, her room is as cute as she is!

Here is a SUPER HUGE fan...can you guess where she went to school?

Sock Monkeys were in two different classrooms this year, they are so cute....

Second grade has gone to the dog....

I love this Rock n Roll theme too....

We have so many creative teachers in our school...take a look at this one....

She has no windows in her classroom so she created one...cute cute cute!!!
Then I sneaked over to the 5th grade hallway and captured these:

Oh I'm not done yet!

I have to come back to this Peaceful Classroom once she gets her Yoga Balls in...that will be a treat!
You haven't seen anything yet...check this crafty teacher out!
This is her Welcome Sign

 This is what greets you as you walk in the front door!

Real live Turtles too!

It is so de-cluttered and calm in this room! Can I move in?
No tour would be complete with out visiting a PIRATE room....

Here are a few others to gawk at!

Here is a splash of color.........................

And just simple red, black and white.....

.......................................and last but not least is my fabulous neighbor
She is the queen of organization on our school! (Glad she is next door...I think?)

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my school! I need to go back and see how we all look now that we have been 'living' here for two weeks already!
I really would like to showcase not only their decorating abilities , but their fabulous teaching talents...ah another post for another time!


  1. WOW! Great pictures!!!' It's nice to see different themes:)

  2. I love all the great colors and the different themes to each room. This is a new way to make learning fun!!! Great job to all the teachers!!! Love the Owls and Turtles!!!


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