Sunday, September 15, 2013

Making a square peg fit into the CCSS hole!

Is it me or is the fact that our text books are not aligned with the Common Core State Standards driving you nuts too!?
Our fabulous team of Second Grade teachers came up with a great order to teach the CCSS in. However our Math series does not agree, so I feel like I am fighting the system! We even went through and decided on which lessons worked with each standard. I was  flipping from chapter to chapter to teach OA2.1, so for NBT2.1 I got smarter...I did this last year, so why do I feel like I keep reinventing the wheel? I'm going to blame it on short term memory blocks, or ADD or something of that nature!  I remembered that I cut out the things I liked from that dreaded Go Math! series and put it in our interactive Math here we go starting with NBT2.1...I spend the first 15 minutes using hands on tools and we construct and deconstruct numbers...then we dive into our Math Journals to provide the evidence of our learning for the lesson.

We found the page with the definition of Place Value. We started there!

We then continued on with the lesson, and I had the kids practice this skill with four problems. They glued down those answers.
 The next day we use our evidence page as a reference when we work with Math tools, or if we learn a new game that demonstrated this skill! The kids really like showing proof of their learning, and it helps me stay on track!
See you soon with a post on my RRJs (Reading Response Journals)

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