Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Most Important Rule

Where was I? Oh yes, that 10 day instructional unit for my Master's Program. As I continue with this journey I have feeling my posts will be centered around it.
Here is one of the ideas I used to help build classroom procedures. We made a list the day before of the most important rules we have in our classroom.
They were really easy to identify, well that is what I thought. I only have three rules:
Be Ready. (To listen and to learn)
Be Respectful. (Treat others the way you want to be treated)
Be Responsible. (Make Good Choices)

 My class, if I haven't mentioned it 20 times before, is the BEST class ever! They realized that we have many rules, unwritten and talked about!
We have a "Blurt Chart", we have  "S.H.I. N.E" poster, we talk about how to be a friend to others.
So for this writing activity I ended up telling them to choose five rules that they think are the Most Important to them. Perhaps it was something they needed to work on, or maybe they think the rest of the class might need help with. (Thanks to Jamie Rector for creating this writing prompt for the Common Core.)
Now see how my kids put their ideas down on paper:
On the right is her brainstorming sheet. On the left is her draft.


We spent a few days BEFORE we actually started writing. As a class we brainstormed then they used a recording sheet for their ideas, THEN they drafted their ideas.
Can you tell we really worked hard on class community?
Hee Hee Hee, love the no blurting!

I was impressed with this Sweet Bee!

I am sure with responses like these our classroom is going to be GREAT this year!
Shine = Sit up, Hands in lap , In your own spot, No noise, Eyes on the speaker. Thank you Teachers pay Teachers!

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