Thursday, August 7, 2014

Becoming a Reflective Teacher-Part One

Welcome back to school!
I am ready! Are you?
Let me start with what has been in my brain all summer long. I was asked to be a part of our school's Professional Development team, along side some really wonderful, smart , knowledgeable educators. Needless to say I was honored.
My group is responsible for  Reflective Teaching Practices. I am so excited about this, because my ultimate goal in teaching is to help other teachers become the BEST teacher they can be. (Sounds like an old Army commercial, I know but it is true!)
So let's start out with the basics. WHY?
Why should we as teachers reflect upon our teaching skills? Many of you say, because it will make me a better teacher, or so I know not to do that lesson again or even who has time to sit and think at the end of the day, please! Today I am going to take you through the WHY process and help you see that once you know why you are doing it, (and believe me YOU are doing it, even if you don't call it reflecting) you will actually realize that your WHY is your driving force. By becoming a Reflective Teacher you will improve your students' achievements, improve your evaluations with your administrator and realize the potential within you to be the BEST!
Why did you become a teacher? We all know it wasn't for the paid vacations, or for that awesome benefits package, and the pay is unreal, (Do you see my eyes rolling?) let's cut to the chase, you are a teacher because you love children, you want to make a difference, you have a PASSION for it, am I right?
Why do you teach the things you teach? Is it the same reason? Or is it because the proverbial "THEY" tells you what to teach?
Take time today and write down your WHY. I believe once you figure that out, then Reflecting will become easier.
I am planning on making this a series of posts on how to become a Reflective Teacher. I am using the book
Becoming a Reflective Teacher by Robert Marzano.
I hope you stick around for a few weeks and discover how to become a better teacher, validating what you are doing right and growing into the BEST teacher you can be!

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