Saturday, June 7, 2014

Year End Clearance (Help, please)

     Well HELLO there...I know , I know! It's been quite a L O N G time...I have been busy.
~ You know how Bees are!

     I have been steadily working on my Master's in Literacy Education since last summer. I will finish up at the end of October. I have also been consumed with the CCSS transition and less than 48 hours ago was told that I will be going to 3rd grade...3RD GRADE! I am petrified! The good news is I get to keep my fabulous Sweet Bees from this year! (Well not ALL of them, some are moving on to different places, or have a different teacher in mind)

     In today's blog I just want to catch up with you, let you know what we have been doing in our hive, and in my life....

I was chosen to represent my school as teacher of the year....

We held a Booster-Thon for the first time at our school...that was a lot of fun!

 Our class got to visit SeaWorld

I bought a house...

Went on a Spring Break cruise

We had a great time with Body systems....

We finished the year with every Bee achieving over 20 AR points...the top bee had 150 points and most had over 50 points, needless to say the ice cream party was a HIT!

And we had a special visitor from Missouri show up... a PEN PAL decided since his school was out, he'd come down for a visit, it was an exciting day!

All in all the school year was GREAT! I am proud of my Sweet Bees and we will continue to 'bee' the best next year...however I have never taught 3rd grade..any suggestions? I've been blog hopping...

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