Sunday, August 31, 2014

Becoming a Reflective Teacher -Part 4

It's time to get will this revolutionize student achievement?
How will Reflecting on your teaching affect your student's growth? Let's explore....

If you go back and look through the element list you will find many items are linked directly to you and your students, such as "What will I do to establish and maintain effective relationships with students?" To answer this question you will have to be honest and extremely self-aware. Once you answer this question then you must set  some guidelines for yourself...I will focus on students who seem disenfranchised in my class and those with whom I don't have a good rapport yet... When a student does something well, I will compliment them...I will find out information about my students and use that knowledge in my interactions with them...(Marzano, 2012)
These type of rules will help you stay focused, which in turn will help your children stay in the game and want to achieve for you!
Does your class KNOW exactly what you want from them? Post examples (concrete and specific), this will help JUSTIFY their learning.
Are they writing and reflecting about  themselves? If not Blair Turner has some GREAT reflecting tools that will help your students reflect about their leaning through writing, which could lead to better grammar and mechanics in their daily writing.
Reflection not only helps you synthesize and analyze your teaching, but also does the same for your students learning. Can you imagine your class operating on the synthesis level all day long? Your goals will be met in no time!(So will theirs.)
The most important part of student reflection is that teachers give specific FEEDBACK...during conferring time, when you comment to them and when ever you are celebrating success.
Next time we meet, let's talk about all that prepared!

Marzano, R. (2012). Becoming a reflective teacher. Bloomington, IN: Marzano Research Laboratory.

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