Sunday, August 24, 2014

Becoming a Reflective Teacher-Part 3

Why do we use REFLECTIVE teaching?
We NEED to REFLECT on our teaching so we can become better at our craft AND improve student achievement gains!!!
Let's begin by conducting a self-assessment. You need to rate yourself, if you are familiar with Robert Marzano's scales from your teacher evaluations then this is already a part of you!
 You must give yourself either a 4, 3, 2 or 1 ( I don't do 0 because if you are operating at a 0 you need to seriously think about another career choice, sorry to be so blunt but the children need teachers, not people who are not in it to win it!)
A 4 looks like this...
The teacher adapts or CREATES a new version of the strategy or behavior for UNIQUE student needs and situations.
A 3 looks like...
The teacher uses the strategy or behavior and monitors the extent to which it affects student outcomes.
A 2...
the teacher uses the strategy or behavior but does so in a somewhat mechanistic way.
A 1...
The teacher uses the strategy or behavior incorrectly or with parts missing.

Now that you know how to rate yourself, here is your test:
(Think about what, and how you do for each question...)

1. Do you typically provide clear learning goals and scales (rubrics)?
2. How do you track student progress?
3. What do you do to celebrate success?
4. How do I do to establish and maintain classroom rules and procedures?
5. What do I typically do to organize the physical layout of the classroom?

There are 41 questions that match up to the nine design questions. We just explored the Lesson Segments Involving Routine Events. If you would like to view the rest of the questions visit the Marzano Center.

After you have reflected and evaluated yourself, make yourself some GOALS!!!!

I recommend you choose three elements that you are struggling MOST with. Your goals should be attainable, but not too easy nor lofty. Your goals should be clear, such as "By the end of the year, I will raise my score on celebrating success from 1 to 3." (I hope you have that competitive edge, like I do...for me it would have read from 2 to 4.)
In order to be successful you MUST have a MODEL OF EFFECTIVE TEACHING! Find a mentor, be a mentor, READ and RESEARCH best practices, visit other classrooms and take notes. Look up videos on Teacher Tube or YouTube, read awesome teacher blogs...FIND YOUR PERSON! Accept feedback, focused feedback is the best!
I will be back soon with the next installment.


Marzano, R. (2012). Becoming a reflective teacher.Bloomington, IN: Marzano Research Laboratory.

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