Sunday, June 30, 2013


WOOT WOOT it's  J U L Y....(well almost)

I am so excited to be apart of Oh'Boy 4th Grade's linky party!

Here we go......

We (the boy and I) are both in the living room click clacking on the blog, him on Minecraft...he is on that computer everyday with that program...but no worries we go out and do stuff so he doesn't become a 'junkie'!

WOOT WOOT (again) The boy is going to a Boy Scout Campout for a whole week! I am so excited...I originally planned to clean out the closets then, but I did them last weekend out of sheer I really have a WEEK all to myself...hmmm what to do ...oh yeah! Go shopping and a lunch date with my teacher friends, take care of some doctor business (you know the visits you don't like to bring your kid to), get my hair done, so you can't see the greys AND hooray for GROUPON...a $25 mani/pedi is in my future that week, which is good because the next week we start of Vegas Vacation and I will be with my Sweet Man the first part of my vacation!!!

I know, I know, I should be thinking about my vacation and taking care of my Dad once I get to Vegas...but for reasons unknown I am lesson planning and pinning ideas on Pinterest and making lists of things to do this school year. I already drew a map of my classroom plus bulletin board ideas and new ways to group...oh my I have been busy as a BEE!

Wanting: it's summer, I have been slacking and I KNOW I shouldn't. This happened last summer too, I was so good with healthy eating and exercising all school year long and now...ick bad choices, I think I've gained a few lbs. So tomorrow I am hitting the gym as soon as I wake up and going back to walking a 5K every week day! No more excuses! I lost 10lbs since January and I honestly don't want to ruin it in July!

So I mentioned I cleaned out the closets...right...I found 'stuff'...from 1990-something...out the door with it...Hey GOODWILL we have games, sheets (sizes that don't match our beds) books (not school appropriate) décor items that no longer work with my you get the picture...we also threw 9 yes NINE bags of trash out and I ended up finally shredding stuff from 1980-something all in all another 5 bags of shredded paper!

Tips, Tricks or Hints
Lists...I love to make them, but sometimes I lose I decided to save files that I want to print out in color, but instead of buying 6 cartridges to get it done I go down to either Staples or Office Max (depends on the best deals or coupons) and I print out items for my classroom. As I am going through each file, I write down the page numbers I want to print out, then I save the file under its original name but with page numbers next to so  "Closereading-3-6" this way when I am at the store I tell the copy clerk just print our the pages I need and not the whole file, so much easier for all involved.

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Oh and please remember Farley's rule of THREE!


  1. I have clean closet envy right now! Good job!

    Life in Room 24

  2. Yoy should look into buying tgem from ebay. I get 4 extra large cartridges for only 15 dollars. They are not original, but ive saved so much money that way.

  3. My boys live for Minecraft too! I know what you mean about getting out of the working out groove - I actually have been really good this past week and I hope I can keep it up. Have a great time in Vegas!

  4. I been busy thinking about my classroom, too. I love your tip. Making lists is something that I need to do more of.

    The 2nd Grade Surprise

  5. I found you on the Florida Blogging! Your life sounds similar to mine! Maybe it's a Florida thing....My son is a minecraft freak too....he watches you tube minecraft videos when I tell him to take a break. But I seem to be a little addicted to blogging so the apple does not fall far from the tree! And another Florida thing...gaining weight in the summer! Too much sitting by the pool and eating, during the school year do not have time to eat...I am doing Jillian Michael workouts when it's too hot out!! Have a great summer...

    1. sounds like we need to become new BFF's...LOL
      you need to email me
      maybe our kids can link up :)


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