Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Bummer?

I am torn...I LOVE having Summer to rejuvenate to regroup and come up with wonderful plans, better organization techniques and of course finding NEW decorations that I can't live without...BUT a week in, I find that I am bored a little, I am restless, the fridge calls my name way too often, my goal is to shower by 2 pm (at least)...summer is kind of a bummer at times.

I do a lot of waiting...waiting for lunch time, waiting for the stores to open (so not good), waiting for my son's activities to kick in (camp, various Dr's appts.) waiting for my own real vacation to 'jet' out of Dodge...I am not patient and dare admit a little impulsive (a terrible mix, y'all) it can lead to some really bad choices...ugh Summer can be a bummer!

Here's the boy...he's going to have to learn to deal with the beach here soon!!!!

So as I impatiently sit here, waiting for "Summer"(vacation) to begin, I am also trying to come up with unique ideas for a group we tend to repeat each other and I don't know if you have noticed, but there are A LOT of super talented OVER ACHIEVING teachers that make a ton of cute stuff, I get down on myself because I want to contribute but I feel like it's useless, seriously why compete with perfection...oh, another Summer Bummer!

I hope I am not the only one feeling this way...I see my teacher friends on Facebook , going to ballgames, the beach, water parks...  I should be doing those things, but my kid doesn't like the beach, nor does he "do" sports....we go to the library, the less glamorous than my Facebook teacher friends! (can you imagine my boring posts... "Having fun reading the latest Common Core nail biter-near the library #yawn summer bummer")

Maybe it's just JUNE...June is the Summer Bummer...because I do know when JULY gets here I have a 100 things planned, the boy goes to camp for a week...YEAH mommy alone time GNO, anyone? Oh and my Sweet Man has already booked us on the Strip, while I go visit my Dad...but that is the only pleasure in that trip, my Dad is super sick and is in a medical catch-22...Oh Boy! (All I know is we need to find a serious good doctor in the Las Vegas area who can figure out how to cure an acute pancreatitis (he's on a feeding tube now) and a triple A at the same time!) That is the biggest Summer Bummer!

Dad and I last Winter in Las Vegas (Mt. Charleston really!)

But before I know it, AUGUST will be here, and I will be writing a post about how fast Summer went and how I have so much to do before I am ready to go back to school...'gotta' love teachers...we whine about school ending and whine about going back...well maybe whining is the right word more like...frustrated with the options!?

Oh I just remembered another Summer Bummer, my BFF just moved to Vancouver BC....but at least we have Facebook, Talkatone, and JetBlue to keep us together ! (Can't wait for Winter)
I'm in the middle, two of my BFF' my left is the Canadian!


  1. I love just being able to be home, do yard work, or do nothing. I'm really boring! lol I feel just like you as far as TPT is concerned. I have about 11 items and I think 9 of them are free. I feel like I have had trouble trying to be creative and I also feel like I don't quite know enough about using the clipart to really know what I am doing. Earlier today, I had trouble trying to open up a background page, so I finally gave least for today. I'll try again tomorrow. hope your visit with your father goes well!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. Hey!!!! My summer is just staying home, playing with Isabela... Maybe s trip to chick fil a and Target! :). So super cool adventures ;).

    Still is nice not to have the morning rush.... I do miss

  3. I was going to say I miss some books that I left in the classroom LOL - I live too far to drive out there just yet. About the TPT... We should meet up one day with our laptops and I'll show you some trick ;)

  4. Are you still running? I'm getting back into my routine now that school is over for me.
    I've managed a 5lb weight loss in the last 5 weeks.. going to keep on trecking. I'll be in FL the month of August.
    Enjoy your quiet time.

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans


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