Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Shopping

It has started already...the shopping for the cutest classroom décor....but don't worry I'm not going crazy...well not really, my budget is is a peek at some new décor items I have gathered so far....
This is fabric, that I am going to put on my bulletin boards...I have two of the flower prints to cover the boards that surround my very large White Board, and the striped one is going on the front board as my NEW and improved CAFE board....

 I found these little cuties on Teachers Pay Teachers, I printed them on half sheets so they will fit under the letters in each column.
I am using 2 inch wide ribbon in yellow for the Café board and black for my 'wing' boards as my border...the big yellow daisies are for the corners to add a little 'pop'!

As I was perusing the Internet I stopped over at the Carson-Delosa store and picked up these BEE-utiful things...
I use the sticky bees to hang up their writing throughout the year...the stickers are my favorite!!! I got the cut out bees plus tons of extras, because as soon as I find a Bee I like, they tend to discontinue it...I really miss my BEE name plates I used to get at CTP...they were perfect, but as soon as I used them for two years...they I'm stocking up on a few Bee items!
I cleaned out my closet at home, and after nine bags of trash and 5 bags of papers I shredded, I came across this....
I made this plate (you can tell by the paint smudges) about 10 years ago thinking I would like to re-do my kitchen (that never happened) and voila, I found a cute BEE to add to my classroom's décor!

Did I mention I also ordered new book boxes, since mine were red and blue (décor from my last school) they didn't match at all with my BEE themed room.
I can't wait to get back in my room to decorate and see how it all turns out for the 2013-2014 school year....but first I have a vacation coming up!


  1. I love bee decor! I've wanted to do a bee kitchen for a long time---someday it may come true! If you found any of these items for under $2--I would love to have you join my dollar days linky! Come on over!


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