Thursday, January 24, 2013

Science MATTERS and a HELLO Blogging Buddy!

I <3 Science!

I really do....and I was very excited to start something new this year for "Matter". I always feel like I'm doing the same old thing, year after year, so this year I went shopping for a new twist or activity that seemed to jump start my "Matter" unit!

I found a "Science Pack: Properties and States of Matter" from Chrissy over at "Buzzing with Ms. B"
Buzzing with Ms. B Button
So far we are having some fun with the games (I have...who has.../ name the states...4 center stations)
and today we got into the molecules of matter.....
Matter in the science log
Friend help friends in our room.....
Matter in the science log
We use our "Science Logs" to glue everything inside!

Matter in the science log
They made their own definitions after they experimented with matter!

Matter in the science log

Matter in the science log
I think they love SCIENCE too!
One of my goals this year was to blog at least once a week with far I've been 'better' than last year...
Did I mention I went to a Common Core workshop on Tuesday?
Fun Times! I met up with a blogging buddy "The Resourceful Apple", that was special!
Now it is up to the 4 of us from our little school (900+ students) to help implement the CCSS into 2nd grade while fine tuning it in K-1st....this should be an easy sale...right?
I am afraid that we might receive a bit of resistance from the "You can't make me" crowd! Any ideas how to reassure the naysayers that with a little teamwork, we CAN do it????
I hope we do it right!


  1. Great job Natalie using your Science Notebooks. The best thing I feel I've done this school year is starting an Interactive Notebook in Math.

    I understand what you mean about helping and presenting material.
    Sometimes that is so difficult because you are really just the messanger.
    That is A LOT of how I have done presentations on parts of the CCSS. I've created an overview and then presented to my colleagues using more of an open forum/discussion... what do you know, what are you already doing that can continue... etc. It made it feel more like I wasn't jamming it down their throats...nor was I the authority.
    Not sure if that helps.. but I'll be thinking of you!
    Haven't run at all either... BOO TO ME!

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

    1. Michele,
      Thanks for the advice! I am so glad I am doing the Science Logs...I already have Reading Response Journals, Math Journals and Writing Journals... so easy to keep track of growth!
      EVERY Morning I am up to 3 miles a what ever I walk around during the day too! I lost 2lbs this week alone! Can't wait to see what I look like in May!


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