Saturday, January 12, 2013


I am not sure how I would classify my first few days back...stressed, overwhelmed, playing catch up???  All in the meantime so happy to see my kids! I really missed those little worker bees of mine!
In fact, I even got invited to a party.......

Wednesday was an especially FUN day...the Fire Marshall showed up...I'm a little sad, he scolded me about my bee bunting on my there goes that cute summer creation...and we now are not allowed to  have anything on our classroom no more door decorating fun for us!!! I had to rearrange my walls and take down my falling sad....but since I DID spray my curtains with 'approved' fire retardant they get to STAY!!!

These are now 'contraban'

This door is 'off limits' now too!

This area is naked now!

So here I am thinking of going back to SQUARE ONE (but with curtains)

The good thing is in Math, we had a regrouping break through! I used a great little trick I learned on Pinterest...

I used my white boards and base ten blocks instead..but the message was the same!

Oh did I mention I bought at great Matter  (click on Matter to see it) resource off of  Teachers pay Teachers...LOVE it...My kids are loving the stations the best! (Thanks Chrissy Beltran-click on her name to see her cute blog)

Lots of  C H A N G E S coming my way at my school, stay tuned for my next post...I think you have the same things happening at your school, if not I NEED YOUR HELP!


  1. HI Natalie, I am so sad for you. We haven't had our visit yet and now I am scared! Can you hand your bunting on your desk (if you have one) or over a bulletin board?

    Wondering about your changes!
    The Resourceful Apple

    1. Tammy
      I am glad we have a teacher workday this Friday...I am going to re-decorate and find a place for my sweet bees! Are you going to the common core workshop on Tuesday?


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