Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Deconstructing the MATH BOOK

I  LOVE my kids!
We had a great week so have been on task and really working to understand the strategies for 3-digit addition with regrouping.
So today we C-U-T apart our math text book...yep they ripped out a page and cut out the strategy of how to regroup the ones! Then they cut out three example problems too!

Here you can see, she has cut out the strategy page (Hasn't glued it on yet) but is already working on the example problems.
In this activity, I told them that they had to do the example problem using the "adult" strategy, the old fashioned way! (Carrying). Then NEXT to it they had to show the  "Kid Work" (with Math Tools)  and prove that they know how to do the math!
Deconstructing the MATH BOOK
In this picture you can see another one of my Worker Bees, drawing out the problem to make sure the "Adult" way was right.
Deconstucting the MATH BOOK
I love the look on her face, you can just get a glimpse of her thinking in this photo....she really understood the concept of why we regroup!

In fact, I had them tell me why we regroup the ones  in a class this is what they came up with:
"You regroup the ones in  an addition problem when the sum of the ones column is a 2-digit number."
I was so in shock of the Math vocabulary and how well they collaborated to get this definition...can't wait for tomorrow's lesson on how to regroup the tens in a 3-digit addition problem!
Deconstructing the MATH BOOKDeconstructing the MATH BOOK
Here you can see how I modeled the set up on the top! (Using a child's Math Journal, he was absent) and on the bottom is another child's journal...oh do you see that quick assessment on there?
On Monday we were discussing problem solving strategies...and I found this cute quick assessment/ helper for key words ( I call them 'code' words , as in 'how many more' is code for subtraction.).....I had them divide a piece of  paper in their Math Journals and label one side "Addition" the other side "Subtraction"...then I gave them a half sheet of paper with 'code' words for addition and subtraction...they had to  "sort, sort sort" then "choose, choose, choose" and finally "glue, glue, glue" (you should be singing it now)
...we checked it before we glued it....
I modeled a few choices first.......
Here you can see she is choosing where the "code" words go.
Deconstructing the MATH BOOK
"Glue, glue, glue"
Deconstructing the MATH BOOK
I have really been trying to acclimate myself and my kids to the new Common Core State Standards this year, a year ahead of the switch in our grade level. I want my kids to be ready for next year...for the NEW way of writing down your strategy and be able to debate your thinking! I know the more I do this year, will make the transition next year so much easier!!
Oh did I tell you, the kids now say to me ..."Ms. Dyer, don't forget to take pictures for your blog!"
They are so precious!
Stay tuned, I think I am going to start really blabbing about what I'm doing to get CCSS ready!



  1. I like your idea of having the students sort the "code" words for addition and subtraction. This will really help them remember key words when solving word problems.

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

    1. Thanks!
      I must tell, I got the sort from Stellar was a FREEBIE!


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