Saturday, September 22, 2012

Place Value Fun, my Intern Rocks!

I don't know about you, but my kids are struggling with place value. They can tell you 123 is one hundred twenty-three, but have no clue what place the 2 is in. We have been struggling early on with this concept. I say 'we' as in me and my intern, Christina. We have been trying everything, using base 10 blocks, drawing pictures, ten frames, using kids as physical representation...ugh... we are going crazy! Then BAM! Christina arrives at school on Wednesday and says.."Kids today we get to use scissors!" ahh the magic phrase! and look at what these kids did...they made their own base 10 blocks and labeled their own 3 digit number.
Hands-On MATH
Here, as you can see, she hasn't got the 4 hundreds as 400 yet, but once I snapped this picture I said to her, "Hey I was looking at your number, how do you pronounce it?", She quickly used her finger to track her words(numbers) and said "four hundred...OH!" and fixed it!

Hands-On MATH
Here you can see all the tools we used!

Hands-On MATH
Once they made a number. They glued it down in their Math Journals. (A little folding was needed.)

Here is a great example of neatness! This kid is a really 'clean' worker...notice the problem solving pencil? I got that from a bloggy friend's (Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade) TPT store! Best idea for problem solving ever!

Stay tuned for my Science post, we did a STEM activity!

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