Sunday, September 2, 2012

How do you GRADE, so you don't go crazy?

Labor Day week-end, a time to reflect on the first two weeks of school!
I already switched a few seats....

I really want to switch over to the Common Core Curriculum, THIS year instead of waiting...but I am having a little issue...and maybe those of you who have already switched can help me figure this out! How do you GRADE?
All the research I am doing lets me think I can throw away the Teacher Editions and start using real literature and solid curriculum standards instead of the textbooks and normed how do you use a rubric assessment and translate it into A,B,C,D,F?? Do you have a formula?
This is what I was thinking...take all the standards, divided it into four (for the 4 nine weeks of school) and use a check-off sheet to determine the % of standards they master in each nine weeks, as compared to the whole year.
As an example, let's say in Math they have to Master 20 skills...(20/4=5) in the first nine weeks they should master 5 out of 20..10 in the second nine weeks, 15 in the get the picture!
Let's pretend they master 7/5 skills in the first nine weeks...that is an A (over 100%)...then they master 2 more skills by the second nine weeks 9/10...still an A (90%) comes the 3rd nine weeks and they now have 10/15 now they earn a D...Do you see how this is going? So maybe my plan isn't going to work.....
I really NEED your help...using the CCCS how do you score and grade?


  1. Natalie, Hmmm .. lots to think about! I am in California and we are waiting two years to officially start CCS since that is when the new statewide assessment will start. (Until then we are using the old assessment which tests on the current state standards.) Anyway, we are beginning to use the CCS in kinder and first grade. Speaking for those grade levels, we teach more "testable" standards later in the year. So our first quarter would not have as many standards as our last quarter - this is just the nature of those two primary grades. It has been so long since I taught second, that maybe you could divide the standards up equally. But instead I would encourage you to put them in order as you would teach them and then decide how many (and which ones) you could really teach and assess the first quarter, etc. Also, we use standards based report cards so our report card is actually a list of standards that we rate standards on. So much easier than grades and so much more accurate. Hope this long, rambling comment makes some kind of sense to you.
    An Open Door

    1. Oh Camille, I WISH our report cards were the list of standards and you just checked it 7 year olds grades is madening...It makes them feel icky and their parents just don't understand how they could get A's in 1st grade and only acheive a B in second....I wish I could just give them all gold stars and a list of stuff to work on ...Maybe if we started grading them with the ABC scale starting in 4th grade...that might work!???? Thanks for your thoughts I appreciate any feedback and insight I can get on this frustrating subject!

  2. We have adoptedthe Common Core this year in first and are trying to mold our old reading series with current standards and its HARD! We have pretty much thrown out the old Harcourt tests and made assessments to match the common core standard (lots of short answer and a few open ended questions. They even need to justify their answers!) that we are teaching for the week. We are also adding in real literature as well as Science and Social Studies leveled texts. Let's just say all of our firsties aren't earning A's. I would say it is pretty close to a bell curve and a true picture of where the children are. Hope this helps.

    The Resourceful Apple


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