Tuesday, January 5, 2016


So what are the goals for my kids?

1. They need to be more independent.

It drives me crazy they sit there and look at me so helpless. This is a new to me problem. I am so use to my class being independent, finding answers for themselves, helping each other find the answers or being problem solvers in general. This year I feel like they are waiting for me to just tell them the answer then move on. I feel like we are so behind in the curriculum with ELA because they have zero critical thinking skills...last year I looped up with my second graders so it was a no brainer, they knew what I expected. These kids SHOULD know what I expect, but I feel they don't?!

2. Spend more time reading.

I love to read, my own boy LOVES to read...my kids do not like it..Well 3/18 do but those 15 just don't want to, no interest...So I am going to start the "Genius Hour" when we get back...they will have to read and be independent to solve the problems. It's PBL meets my kids.."Hello" .... Should be fun, we are going to start out with some Science Genius Hour first then branch out to Social Studies once the "TEST" is over at the end of March

3. Master those times tables.

I am offering rewards, I am bribing them with goodies...I have a new "Multiplication Station" self-paced fun...iPad apps too...and yet only the top 3 know those facts...I'll think I want to have a competition of facts and each week crown a new "winner".

4. Enjoy life!

Of course this is a must! You are a kid, enjoy it while you can, enjoy it before the responsibilities hit you hard...go outside, play, laugh...have fun everyday! Learn..learn something new to help you on your journey EVERYDAY!

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