Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Moving on U P

So what did you do this summer?

School ended on June 9th for me, then for the next two weeks this was my chore:

 I sold the house in less than a week, and the closing was looming around the corner. Why did I choose to pack up my house and 22 year career in Florida? That is easy, it was a combination of a few things! I was not happy where I was, I wanted to branch out and realized that my tree had been pruned for me! I choose to move closer to my Dad too! He lives in Las Vegas, the fastest growing and one the the biggest school districts in the they offered me a better retirement, cheaper insurance , a bonus, PLUS a nice fatty raise to boot! here is what happened to me this summer....

I packed up a 27 foot U-Haul, rented a car carrier and drove almost the whole width of the USA!

Ok , so me , myself  nor I, actually drove it Sweet Man did, I tried and it was SCARY, Needless to say it was an adventure...

Leaving Florida was easy, heading into the the rest of the South was easy, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana came fast! Then TEXAS...oh my goodness TEXAS is S O... BI G! I now know how Moses must have felt wandering the desert! It went on and on!

When we saw this sign, I was so happy! (Not that TEXAS isn't nice, but when you are on a schedule and see the light at the end of the tunnel it is a joy!)

It didn't take us long to stop and visit with friends in the next state! (Less than a day away.)

We spent the night in Tuscon with a friend then headed to our final destination the next morning!

It felt like a homecoming! I have been visiting Las Vegas since my Dad moved here in the late 70's...I really love the weather out here too!

So far exciting things have been happening to the Queen Bee...I have not even been here a month and have made some new friends...

...and have started a new job....

My summer goes on, as the kids don't arrive until August 29th... if you want to come and visit, please do...I should close on my new house in mid to late how is your summer going?

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  1. Natalie!!
    I can't believe you LEFT Florida and I just MOVED to FLORIDA!
    Crazy! Congrats on all the wonderful things that are happening to you!!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans


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