Saturday, December 7, 2013

GOTR and a Warm Fuzzy for ME!

This is my second year doing Girls on the Run (GOTR). It is so rewarding to see the girls grow and become empowered to be leaders instead of following the crowd. While this program is made to help girls navigate peer pressure and hurdles of pre-adolescence it also serves as a gateway into healthy habits, such as running. As we go through the program and discover what it means to be a Girl on the Run, we also discover how to get ourselves in shape for a 5K.
We meet twice a week to discuss our feelings and introduce coping skills that will help us stay positive and healthy throughout our life time. It takes more than just me to run this program. We are all volunteers the coaches and the assistant coaches, we even recruit running buddies to run in the 5K at the end of our 12 week program.

As they run, we hand out lap counters. The lap counters help them see their goal. Can they beat the last session's laps? It is a big thing for some of our girls to just run one mile (12 laps around our little basketball courts).

Not everyone runs the whole time, I surely do not! The goal here is to stay healthy body, mind and soul!

Our last GOTR is coming up, the girls are ready to run in the 5K! As for me, I will not be running, I will be handing out their medals and congratulating them on a job well done!

Speaking of that.....
One of my Sweet Bees wrote me a note in Computer class:

"You are the best teacher in the world. You are like a PRINCESS to me. That is why I love you. And I am happy that you are my teacher, And I can't wait until your birthday. Because I want to buy you, roses. I love you."
I must say I have some grammar issues to discuss with this sweet talker, but this is my prize! This is why we keep going, right?

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