Friday, November 29, 2013

Interactive Social Studies helps us with the CCSS!

Our school celebrates Veteran's Day every year with an outdoor concert! This year was perfect! The weather was absolutely beautiful! 73 degrees no rain in the forecast.

The real fun begins after the concert is over. The children are all pumped up from being outside, they are still singing patriotic songs and BAM! Welcome back to reality kids, it's time to learn about Veteran's Day (I know I am late in posting this but better late than never)!

The first thing we do is make a list of the qualities of a Veteran. Who are they? What do they do? Then compare and contrast ourselves to a veteran.

Using words to describe veterans helps us increase our understanding of exactly what a veteran is and does. Here you can see we came up with the synonym and antonyms of words to help us remember.

Since we use interactive journals everyday in Reading and in Math, making the jump to Social Studies was easy! They knew the format, they already know how to cut the graphic organizers to function in the journal. I love teaching this way!

How does this activity help us with the Common Core Standards? They have to write to learn. They
participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners in small and large groups. They  use foundation skills to apply phonics in their writing, they get to integrate their knowledge with graphic organizers to help them understand  the text and concepts presented.  The rigor is at an all time high, and I can honestly say with rigor their is less time off task!

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