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      A well-developed vocabulary leads to better reading comprehension and eventually success in school. So here is my post in salute to VOCABULARY!!
Using the Fry model, the children define the word, use the word in context (here we drew it in context), find a synonym and an antonym.

I found research on using explicit and implicit vocabulary instruction. It suggested  Pre-Teaching vocabulary words; repeated exposure to words; keyword method; word maps; root analysis; restructuring reading materials; incidental learning and context skills. All of these strategies folded into Marzano’s Six Steps. In fact according to the current research the Six Step strategy works at every grade level, from kindergarten to high school, plus it works better if you use all the steps without leaving any out. This new theory is working for me; I am implementing the strategies and finding results in my children’s favor. I have to send a shout out to my Teacher Friend Mariella Santillana, she makes the best games for our classrooms!
It looks like a game, but is it?

Marzano's Six Steps Strategy: 
Step one is to explain, so I began with pre-teaching vocabulary words. One of the most effective methods of helping children learn new vocabulary words is to teach unfamiliar words used in a text prior to the reading experience.The second step is to restate, the child tells me in their own words what the word meant. Step three is to show. They used their vocabulary journals and draw a picture representation of the word. Step four is to discuss. This step happened anywhere in the classroom at any time. We could be in line waiting to go somewhere and I would just say who can tell me what “express” means? Who can tell me the antonym of “fair”? I made sure we are talking about these words wherever we are. Step five is to refine and reflect, periodically I have them revisit their vocabulary notebook and have them go back and rewrite or add to a definition. The final step in Marzano’s vocabulary method is to apply the word to learning games. This is a favorite activity for the class. We used many different games to help acquire those words.
Having the children spin makes it more of an fun action, instead of a chore.

Taking turns and talking about your learning is the best way to remember it!

Oh look, a creative way to get you involved!

I think they know what 'thanks' means!

Did you know that if they can come up with an antonym and a synonym they are 60% more likely to remember what that word means? No more having to write out the definition!

Talking while learning increases your chances of success. true story!

It looks like play, but really they are learning!

Waiting a turn at the wheel, gives you think time, plus it allows for you to share some more ideas about the word!

I think they think vocabulary rocks!

That sums up my classroom, I feel like I have always taught vocabulary, but for the first time I am teaching it right!

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