Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring into Second Grade

 How can you tell it's Spring in Florida? The weather can't make up its mind!'s been rainy, a few tornado warnings, windy, cold, warm...jackets, hats, shorts...welcome to Spring in Florida!

Our grade level went on a Spring field trip to the local sand mine..yes they do actually mine for sand, it leaves the most wonderfully clear 'lakes'....anyway the weather was suppose to be warm...notice the children all bundled up. Then once we were done with our observations the wind stopped blowing , it was sooooo warm we had to take off a few layers...crazy Florida Spring Weather!

As we walked through the woods each pair had to investigate the items on their list. One person had a hand lens, while the other one held the clip board. The object was to be one with nature...until they saw their first spider then went screaming down the lane! But we had fun!


 We discovered some very small flowers just coming to life and tried to find animal homes! We also got to make imprints (fossils) of animals from long ago ( shells, shark teeth and whatever else we could dig up). We even had a picnic outside, ants, splinters and strong winds included!

All this 'wonders of Spring' happened BEFORE we left for Spring Break! (it's been THAT long since I've blogged...I know, in fact it is time for Farley's new Currently and I haven't got to that yet...)

When we cam back from Spring Break on April 1st we had a few projects waiting for us to finish of them was a writing piece on "How to Blow a Bubble" it was a freebie from Lesson Plan SOS, you can also check out her BLOG too!

We spent some time chewing and blowing and writing...this was the end result...super cute right?!

Did I mention my son is in 5th grade? His last year of Elementary they put on a show "Glee Style" at Downtown Disney, it was called the "Disney Spectacular" boy even had a solo part...after the performance we were admitted into EPCOT for the remainder of the day! That was a nice way to START Spring break!

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  1. Hi there! I am new to the blogging world, but I found your blog through Farly's currenlty! I used the "how to blow a bubble" with my third graders last year and they loved it! They come out so cute with the balloons, it was one of my favorite projects/displays of the year!


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