Sunday, April 7, 2013

Currently in April

We have so much to catch up on since the last Currently!   (click on Currently! to hop over to Farley's Site and hook up....I think I'm number 450...yikes)

I FINALLY made an appointment to get my brakes fixed (next week-end) the mechanic is not impressed with me!

I also made the decision to go back to school and get my masters in Reading Education...this way I can teach at the college level AND you never know with the new Common Core, I could start something else!

I still do not have the extra TV, but I am procrastinating about getting out of these awesome apartments!

So what is happening to me now (this month) you ask....glad you did , .....

I am actually BLOGGING...ahhh...I have been so busy lately and feel really bad about it too!
But I am also very excited because my boyfriend is down here training this month. He is  a pilot learning a new plane, so I get to enjoy hos company a few more days this month than usual.
I moved school 3 years ago. That school's colors were red, white and blue. So I had my classroom all color book boxes were red and blue, they looked nice on the white shelf...I moved schools and changed my theme to my bees (plus the school colors are red, black and white) I want to color coordinate my entire room to black, yellow and white...I need to either purchase or write a grant for new book boxes in yellow and black or spray paint the old ones...spray paint is cheaper, but I can see peeling paint all over the floor..unless you know good paint that won't peel on plastic?
I checked out my Alma Mater's requirement for grad school...yikes a test! so I am going to go and talk to them and also look at other schools in the area or on-line! wish me luck, I AM going to get this started!
I also need to move, the apartments are really nice, but at the end of the day, it is an apartment...I moved here 4 years ago after my 'great escape', but it is time to plant roots.
My advice is meant to help  you plan better! Look forward a little, and avoid the pitfalls!
Good Luck!


  1. Have fun with your boyfriend! And good luck with graduate school- it's a big step!

  2. Hi Natalie!! Good luck with grad school! I NEED to go back as well... I've been dragging my feet {for 13 years!}.
    I'm beginning to gather contact information from all of the Florida bloggers out there for a possible bloggy meet up this summer! If you'd like to be included, please email me back at .
    We'd love for you to be a part of this fun time!!
    Sister Teachers

  3. Natalie~ I'm feeling your apt pain! Hubs has one more year in the PhD program, which is one more year in the apartment! Blech
    I think you should GO FOR IT! With that degree!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  4. Good luck and great decision to go back to get your graduate degree. I can't say it will be easy BUT it will be worth it. It is definitely a challenge with a full time job. I am your newest follower.
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  5. Just read your latest post and I just picked my car up from the mechanic today, it also needed brakes (and a tie rod). I hate car repairs, but I appreciate my car so much more everytime I get it back after not having it for a couple of days!
    Also, I just complete my master's degree in reading, last August! I am still teaching in the classroom, but the reading background definitely helps and opens so many doors! Good luck!
    P.S. I am your newest follower! Yay!

  6. Love your May Currently. I am enjoying a beautiful and quiet day here in Michigan too!! I only wish that I didn't have to go to work tomorrow...then life would be complete! I am your newest follower!

    Kathy O.
    Third Grade Doodles


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