Sunday, March 3, 2013

Currently in March.....

Yeah My favorite LINKY!!!!

Thank You Meghan...I mean FARLEY

March! I think we have 60 days left of school. In those 60 days we have a few things we 'have' to teach..'Too Good for Violence', that pesky Social Studies Unit on Economics ... Interdependence and oh yeah, Measurement (length, width, capacity, volume, time...even though next year we won't have to worry about capacity and volume)...but instead of doing those lesson I am on the computer joining a LINKY PARTY!

Have you seen "The Americans" on F/X? OMG... it stars, Keri Russell, and Matthew Rhys as undercover Soviet spies in US near end of Cold War in 1981. You can catch it Wednesdays at 10 pm.

I really don't know why I am waiting for Spring Break, other than having some time away from school. I am not going to Key West or a on a cruise this year...My Sweet Man usually takes me away and we spend an entire week together. But this year he is training and won't be able to take a vacation...I am bummed about that AND the fact that I will be house sitting for my BFF, who is moving to Vancouver BC at the end of the school year. ( I am house sitting so she can find a new house 3,000+ miles sad) So really Spring Break is going to be a self-pity party for me!

I bet you are wondering about those decisions, but they aren't really THaT big, just big to me. More details once I make up my mind!

I really could use another TV in the house....we only have one, in the living room. The real reason I want another DVR is to keep all my shows separated ...a little guilty pleasure!

If you don't know me, then you don’t realize I am truly a procrastinator....I have been needing a brake job since last summer, it is not critical, but it is sure to be soon. I actually have the $$ in the bank, I just need to get off my duff and call! Seriously I am BAD!

Farley HAD to make the last item using your first initial..."N" is the worst!!!!

1. I like new nifty ideas...ideas to make teaching easier and more fun oh and of course ORGANIZED!

2. Loving the COLD weather that the Northern States sent to us....something should freeze out these bugs, but I am not too keen on the sinus destruction of the Northern cold air.

3. Not knowing stinks!!! Not Knowing schedules, Not knowing outcomes, just plain old NOT knowing stinks, especially when you need to know! It's all okay ...I'm sure I needed the practice in patience!

I'll let you know how things turn out as soon as I KNOW!



  1. I'm here from Farley's blog! I also hate not knowing--uncertainly seems the perfect time for me to think about all the possible outcomes, and sometimes my imagination can run wild! Spring break is soon---we can make it!

  2. I'm here from Farley's March Currently. The unknown (things we have no control over). That's part of my currently, too. I hope your decisions come much easier than mine. :)

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key

  3. Natalie~ Keep your chin up! I hate not knowing too..
    I wish my spring break was a little closer.. I have to wait until the first week of April.
    Enjoy the weather..
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans


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