Sunday, October 28, 2012

My NEXT post won't be about MATH

Another GREAT Math Activity....
I really love having interns! No not because they teach and I don't..but because I LEARN so much too... plus I enjoy watching them get it to "got it"!
Here is a fun group activity  that the kids really loved for PLACE VALUE!

This is the instruction sheet!

Hands-On MATH
Here is "Partner 1" doing their job!

Hands-On MATH
This group had a fun time trying to talk themselves out of drawing 3 dimensional Thousand cubes...

Hands-On MATH
This group really had a heated discussion BEFORE they began....their project turned out nice!

Hands-On MATH
all DONE and ready to present their number!

I am really liking how Math has come together this year. Implementing the Math Journals has really changed mine and the kids thinking about how Math relates to our lives. We even have introduced some writing into Math and the kids haven't noticed how hard they are working!

RED RIBBON WEEK starts tomorrow....we are busy with our Too Good For Drugs program plus in our classroom we are also holding a Candy Bar Election too...needless to say we are BUSY in our HIVE!


  1. Place value is fun but can be tough! Great student collaboration!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized

    1. Thanks Amy! We are struggling in math facts now...ugh!


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