Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Good to "BEE" the QUEEN!

At our school we still celebrate Halloween and all its we don't allow scary, demonic or bloody costumes, but we do welcome the storybook characters and the famous cartoon characters.
I have to say, it is REALLY nice to be in a school that still allows the children to dress up and have fun! The ENTIRE school goes out into the hallways and we all parade upstairs and downstairs so every kid in every classroom can see the glory of Halloween. I know, it's silly, some say Halloween is the Devil's holiday or that evil things happen, but for real it is just a day to dress up and pretend to be a super hero or a princess and have fun, eat tons of candy and get a little wild with our friends  My only wish is that some day they will allow Halloween to be on the last Friday of October, because WEDNESDAY Halloween is cuckoo bananas!

After being the "QUEEN BEE" all day today I am tired...but I am not just a teacher, oh no...after a long fun filled day I dressed down and went out to Trick or Treat with my favorite boy and his best friend!
Even the adults had fun! It is late and I have eaten a few of his finds, the laundry is just finishing up and tomorrow I go back to being a teacher in a second grade classroom filled with students who love coming to a school where we still believe in the magic of childhood.
Oh did I mention we have a practice 5K for GOTR at 3:30 tomorrow? Going to be a L O N G day! Wish me luck!

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