Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Variety with Verbs.

Trying to find hands-on materials for teaching  Reading, English Language Arts is so much easier today than it was ten years ago. I found this wonderful FREEBIE while perusing Teachers pay Teachers looking for activities for Verbs.

 I had the kids first highlight the verbs, this way they could make sure there was one in each sentence. They had the choice to make four sentences, they could invent their own, by mixing up the order on the cut out sheet, or  try to figure out the exact ones from the cut out sheet. (I didn't realize that there was a 'right' way until one of my kids pointed it out to me.)
 My kids really enjoyed manipulating these sentences,so much so that some of them didn't want to  glue them down so they could rearrange them once again at home.

 I showed them the sentences that I came up with, a few had the same ones.
 I am the luckiest teacher, here you can see my fabulous parent volunteer, helping out, making sure kids have the right tools and are on task!
Here you can see some different sentences!
 I really enjoy finding little treasures on TpT! I am glad I am working in a time when teachers are encouraged and are willing to share their passion of teaching with others, THANK YOU fellow teacher friends! You all make me look so good in the classroom!

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