Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Made it...Starting Super Simple! ..oh and a contest notice!

Hello Bloggin' buddies, since this is my FIRST official Monday Made It, I did NOT stretch myself!!
I went to Michael's earlier today to gather all the stuff to red-do my clipboards. Mod-Podge??? Decoupage...finding just the right cover color/theme coordination...hmmmm yeah..NO...I decided to keep it simple and start off by making my Writers Journals/Notebooks. It was way cheaper and so simple:
Composition Notebooks, ribbon and my glue gun.

I had to run to school to get my glue gun...that was a shocker...they were cleaning the floors in our rooms and moved most of the furniture into the hallways. I noticed that I was missing 4 bookshelves, well the reason I thought this was because they were buried behind two rows of stacked chairs...but all is well that ends well, because I got rid of 75% of the stuff I used to own so finding the glue guns was easy! Once I grabbed my tools, I quickly went home and got started on my Monday Make It! project.

It went pretty quick, once I figured out how to cut the ribbon endings so they looked cute and symmetrical!

The first step was to glue the ribbon to the back.

Then folded it over the front and snipped the end off.

That was it! DONE...well until I make cute BEE Labels to attach to the front!

Sorry it is sideways...I tried three times to rotate it, but every time it went back sideways ....grrr...anyway super simple journals week I will be on my way to my I probably won't be playing along!

I got this idea from Pinterest..of course!

and try to win this:
I'm still trying to win a free one!!!


  1. I love that idea! I have seen it before and then forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for linking up:) So happy that you did! Hope you can link up again next week:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Great Monday Made It! That would be shocking to find all your stuff in the hall! I always panic I little when I see someone has touched my teaching supplies! :)

    Delighted in Second

  3. I pinned a similar idea! Very neat! :)

  4. Lovin your blog so far!! I'm your newest follower and I'm giving you the One Lovely Blog Award! Come by and check it out! =)

    Second Grade Spots and Dots

    1. Aww, how sweet of you..I followed you back! I love aking new friends!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful ribbon idea. I am going to do that to my composition books.

  6. Love this! I use bees too. Check out my blog if you need any bee idea.

    ❂Miss Nelson❂
    Miss Nelson’s Blog


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