Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finding My Groove...

It is a rainy afternoon, so I sit and decide what can I do? I have already looked at every body's blogs to get some ideas, but that just frustrated me!

 I really need to make a plan for how I want my classroom to feel and look this year. I have been in this game since "1990-something" and want to really start this year out with a huge WOW factor.

I was relieved to not have to change classrooms this year, but secretly part of me wanted to so I could purge. So I did the next best thing, I cleaned out all the nooks and crannies of my classroom...seriously cleaned!!! I gave away and threw out over 10+ years worth of "stuff you keep just-in-case". (I see you rolling your eyes!!) You know what I'm talking about, stickers, buttons, laminated rulers, opened packages of index cards (5 left in the pack),paper coins, left over craft items that you didn't use from that one get the idea! Well I am now the proud owner of over 20 plastic bins, containers and baskets to be filled up all over again! [NO!! I won't be doing that again! ]
In the middle of the purge-fest I got a little worried, "What if...?", but then realized  half of that 'stuff' came to be, because I couldn't find it in the first place and went out and bought more! NO MORE!!!

Therefore this blog that I have decided to start, hopefully will keep me on track and organized! Plus if I want to post pictures of my WOW classroom, it has to look especially inviting! Perfect..WOW and wonderful. (you should see my neighbor that just moved in, now SHE has a perfect classroom!)

My theme is always "Bees" , I am the "QUEEN BEE" the sign in my room says so!

If you have any cute, Bee themed ideas and/or printables and would like to share, please do!
Once I get started and can print things off I will post my 'Bee-utiful' creations to share!


  1. I think this would be PERFECT...

  2. LOL I just pinned this to my Classroom Ideas Board

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Another teacher at my school posted her sign on Facebook. It was cute, it had her name on it. Well I then HAD to have a sign too! Unlike my friend, i wanted my pseudonym "Queen Bee". I messaged the sign maker on Facebook, her name is Dawn Gastineau Fulghum, she was great! Fast and affordable!


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