Sunday, May 19, 2013

Reading Wrap up!

      It's almost time to start wrapping up the school year...I just can't believe it! So with one week left of our "Reading Enrichment Block" we decided to review ALL the 2nd grade Comprehension strategies. So here we are comparing and contrasting two similar story books..."Goldilocks and The Three Bears" vs. "Beware of the Bears".
I really enjoyed teaching my RE Block this year...I got stuck with the over achievers and we really worked hard! As you can see from the pictures we kept all our Reading notes in an RRJ (Reading Response Journal) I found those covers from Christina Bainbridge...I found generic Venn Diagrams to compare the books too. We spent most of the year in poetry,book study. genre study, author study... so I wanted  to end the year with using all our skills in a practical way  that was fun. Besides compare and contrast, we spent time on cause and effect, inference, plot, characters, chronological order, main idea, details, author's purpose .... you get the idea!
In this group they had fun with "The Little Red Hen" vs. "The Little Yellow Chick" (one of my favorite Joy Cowley spin offs)
Another one of my favorite "Three Bears" twists is "Deep in the Forest" it is a wordless picture book...I LOVE it!

For my really reading radicals I gave them "Little Red Ridding Hood" vs. "Lon Po Po"...this  took them a long time to read!


Next post I will show you how we celebrated Mother's Day...well maybe celebrated isn't the right word...
Only 12 days to go, and I found out I will still be in 2nd grade, that makes my summer easier...unless I have to pick up and move, but that is for another post!

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